Webinar: Building a Strong Immunity

Nutrition  -  2/11/2020
Webinar: Building a Strong Immunity

A healthy mind and intelligent mindset is of utmost importance to build a healthy body. Proper knowledge is key and foremost in understanding of how immunity works from within.  Join our FREE webinar on nutrition and immunity in extraordinary times with Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Rama Manikumar on November 6th at 2pm to 3pm.

Are you immune-efficient?

  •  If you can measure your immunity today, what would the meter look like?
  •  How ‘much’ of ‘what’ would it take to improve your immune system?
  • Working with your body requires intelligence and deep awareness – do you have it in you?


Food is fuel for both your body and mind. Macro and Micro nutrients are essential in order to prevent many diseases. You can use nutrients from food wisely to protect, build and strengthen your body. If what you eat alone is not balances, find out how you can include nutrients to assist.

Why is vegetarianism gaining popularity? What is in the Plant Based Nutrition? Find out how and why it can assist in shaping up many arenas of health including immunity.

What supplements do you take? How do they help you to fight against infections? How sure can you be that you are taking the right ones and in right recommended amounts? These matter most, and you can find out more in this space.

Have you been on a roll of antibiotics? Has it upset your stomach and gut? You are not alone, and we understand this. You can help heal and repair your gut. After all, your gut contributes to about 70% of your immunity. Learn about your microbiome efficiency.

Every one of us is endowed with innate abilities to fight disease at onset, if we hone the skill of understanding. Do not miss this webinar!