Prescription Advice

Prescription Services

At Goodlife Pharmacy, our friendly and professional pharmacists and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive range of quality products with excellent service at affordable prices. Our stores are conveniently located across the country to cater to your healthcare needs so you can visit us anytime, anywhere.
We are happy to serve you with:

Medication Dispensing & Counselling

You can simply WhatsApp us your prescription for home delivery or personally bring it to your nearest Goodlife store. Our pharmacists can provide advice and medication consultation in store to help you use your medicines for the best possible outcomes.
  • Medicine reviews under our Wellness 360 program which supports chronic illnesses
  • Safe, correct and effective way to take your medicines including your dosage regime
  • Potential interaction of your medicines with other medicines or food
  • Correct application of topical medicines
  • Storage of medicines
  • Complimentary products for your prescription regimen

Repeat Prescription Service

Get up to 15% discount on your prescription medications by registering to the Goodlife Membership Club at any of our stores countrywide and take advantage of our free instore health services.

Over the Counter Medicines

We stock over-the-counter and Pharmacy-only medications (dispensed by a pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription) for the treatment of minor ailments such as fever, pain, cough and cold, itch, gastric problems, diarrhoea. This can be done in-store, online or on WhatsApp. Delivery is easily arranged to your home or place of work