Skincare 101 with Dr. Don Othoro

Skin Care  -  8/01/2019
Skincare 101 with Dr. Don Othoro

In 2018, skincare was a huge trend, with everyone trying to achieve that ever elusive glowing, smooth skin. With this and our audience’s interests in mind, we brought on board Dr. Don Othoro, a cosmetic doctor to talk with us about skincare and answer the audience’s questions. Here’s a recap of the questions;

1. I have had acne since 10 years of age. I am now 29, what do I do?
That’s a pretty long time and it’s very rare for acne to start before adolescence unless you were an early developer. Does if fluctuate or has it always been the same. Were you diagnosed by a doctor? Finally what treatments have you had?

2. Hormonal acne, Early morning smooth face, midday pimples, evening more pimples.

This can happen with some people as the skin produces more oil as the day goes on. It is made worse if you are not using the right skin care products for your skin. 1) a good glycolic based cleanser
2) Chemical exfoliation cream and
3) Hydrating cream

Chemical exfoliation is preferred because chemical exfoliation uses fruit acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid etc) removes dead cells BUT it does not damage the underlying healthy cells.

Physical exfoliation causes damage to the underlying cells by being too aggressive hence there is more damaged skin coming to the surface.

3. Does drinking water really help you get better skin?
Yes it does in several ways;
1) Drinking water allows your skin to stay well hydrated therefore in decreases the amount of oil that the skin produces and thus decreases pimples.
2) If you have dry skin it creates an environment that allows your skin to stay supple. A lot of people notice that their lips and mouth are a lot less dry
3) Finally, drinking water increases ones energy levels which is also a great side effect!

4. Is it a good idea to exfoliate daily (for normal to dry skin)?
There is no hard answer to this but the general rule is 2-3 times a week. Over exfoliation can cause skin damage especially if you have not seen a specialist and have sensitive (damaged) skin

5. I’ve been drunk all December. I also intend to get even more drunk going forward. How does that affect my skin? And if it does, is there anything I can do to avoid it? (except stop drinking, for obvious reasons)
Yes alcohol causes premature aging of the skin, dehydration, puffiness of the face, hormonal disruption and redness of the face. So it does make the skin worse in a nutshell. Would you like to get help about your alcohol consumption? We have counselors and doctors available to speak to you on the phone at @DialADaktari who would be very willing to chat with you on the phone.

6. Ok, I need a chemical exfoliator.
Dr. Don recommends Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser or Bioclear Lotion for this

7. An effective way to treat sunburn?
Use Vitamin C Cream aloe Vera and factor 50 several times a day.

If the sunburn has just happened, follow the following steps:
1. Cold damp towel
2. Stay out of the sun
3. Moisturise
4. Do not burst blisters
5. Ibuprofen

8. What’s the best way to get rid dark marks on your skin? Those caused by popping pimples.
The best way is to use sunscreen all the time. If this does not work you may need a prescription for Retinol or Hydroquinone