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Panadol ActiFast Soluble Tablets provide fast and effective relief of headaches, toothache, backache, rheumatic and muscle pains and period pain. It also relieves sore throat and the feverishness, aches and pains of colds and flu. Panadol ActiFast Soluble tablets also provide relief from the pain associated with osteoarthritis as diagnosed by a doctor. Panadol ActiFast Soluble tablets contain paracetamol which is an analgesic (a pain reliever which reduces aches and shivers) and an antipyretic (it reduces body temperature when you have a fever).

Directions for use:

Adults (including the elderly) and children aged 16 years and over:

1-2 tablets dissolved in water every 4 to 6 hours as required.

Children (10 to 15 years):

Give 1 tablet dissolved in water every 4 to 6 hours as required.

Do not give to children for more than 3 days without consulting a doctor.

Do not give to children under the age of 10 years.

Contains paracetamol.

Do not exceed the stated dose.
Do not take more frequently than every 4 hours.
Do not take more than 4 doses in 24 hours.
Do not take with any other product containing paracetamol.
Please see your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.
Prolonged use, except under medical supervision, may be harmful.
This medicine should only be taken when necessary. Always use the lowest effective dose to relieve your symptom

Do not take Panadol ActiFast Soluble tablets:

If you are allergic to paracetamol or any of the other ingredients (listed ibelow).
If you are taking any other medicines containing paracetamol.
If you are under 10 years of age.
Take special care & tell your pharmacist or doctor before taking Panadol ActiFast Soluble Tablets:

If you have liver or kidney problems.
If you have heart or blood pressure problems.
If you retain fluid.
If you are underweight or malnourished.
If you regularly drink alcohol.
If you have a severe infection as this may increase the risk of metabolic acidosis. Signs of metabolic acidosis include: – deep, rapid, difficult breathing – feeling sick (nausea), being sick (vomiting) – loss of appetite Contact a doctor immediately if you get a combination of these symptoms.

Active ingredient: Each tablet contains Paracetamol 500mg.

Other ingredients: The soluble tablets also contain saccharin sodium, citric acid (anhydrous), sorbitol powder (E420), sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium laurilsulfate, anhydrous sodium carbonate, povidone and dimeticone. Panadol ActiFast Soluble Tablets contain 12, 24 or 60 (prescription only) tablets packed into sachets. The sachets are then enclosed in cardboard cartons. Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children.

Always consult the Patient Information Leaflet before using this medicine.

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