David Kasonga

David Kasonga
Head of Operations

David, our Head of Retail since January 2017, brings over a decade of diverse multinational healthcare experience. As a seasoned retail executive, he has consistently demonstrated his mastery of management and strategic planning. His track record of leadership includes driving revenue growth, implementing cost-saving measures, acquiring and nurturing top talent, ensuring operational excellence and efficiency having worked in Kenya and Uganda.
David’s impact on our organization has been transformative. Under his leadership, Goodlife Pharmacy expanded from just five stores to a remarkable 140+ (2023), a testament to his visionary approach. He introduced game-changing initiatives such as the Wellness 360 program, enhancing our commitment to customer well-being.
His dedication to improving healthcare accessibility is noteworthy. He played a pivotal role as a founding board member of Sosei R&D (Vostrum), instrumental in establishing a primary healthcare centre in Kibera, addressing a critical need in underserved communities. His commitment to social responsibility is further evident in his time at the Gender-Based Violence Center in Nairobi Women’s Hospital.
David’s impressive work history underscores his ability to lead and inspire positive change within organizations and in the broader healthcare industry. He is currently pursuing professional development through the Senior leadership Talent Accelerator program with Leapfrog Investments and has done a Leadership Program at Acton University (Sinapis). Additionally, he is pursuing his MBA in International Business Management at the University of Nairobi, holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and a Diploma in Pharmacy. David’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence and his continuous pursuit of growth.