5 Day Black Friday Sale

Goodlife News  -  20/11/2018
5 Day Black Friday Sale

The year is coming to a close and with the nearing festive season comes well…sales!!!

Now, we know you’ve had your experience with end of year sales, we know you’ve shopped till you dropped and not regretted it, until Njaanuary anyway, but what if we told you that you do not have to wait until December to get into that shopping mood? What if we told you that you could shop for all your makeup and skincare needs and not regret the splurge later? That’s right, we have a Black Friday Sale with your name on it!

Running from 23rd to 27th of November, 2018 the Goodlife Black Friday Sale is like no other Black Friday Sale you’ve experienced, it runs ALL WEEK LONG! Why limit a sale to a day when you can have 5 days, right?

For this reason, we have discounts of up to 50% on brands including Sleek, Milani, Flori Roberts, Elf, Crabtree and many, many more . We are believers in using quality skincare and beauty products as the best way to unlock your skin’s potential after all, you’ve been hydrating, moisturizing and eating right, it only makes sense that you finish right!

Take part in the Goodlife Black Friday Sale at the following locations: Goodlife Junction Mall, Nyali Branches, Goodlife Valley Arcade, Goodlife Westage Mall, Goodlife Garden City Mall and Goodlife Bufallo Mall – Naivasha.

See you there!