Travel Essentials

Travel & Holidays  -  20/08/2019
Travel Essentials

Travelling can be a lot of fun. But it can also be a terrible experience with some missing essentials in your suitcase. Trying to fit everything in your bag might seem impossible but there just something you don’t want to be on the road without. So here are a few travel essentials tips for your next adventure. 


Just coz you are out of the city doesn’t mean you play it easy with your hygiene.  From your scented soaps to toothbrushes and wet wipes, you’ll need it all for your next adventure. Travelling to new areas might mean that you won’t have access to some of the products you are already used to such as tampons and pads so make sure you pack a few before heading out.

Insect Repellant

Camping out in the wilderness means camping out with all those mosquitoes and bigs you fight off in your bedroom. An insect repellant from Goodlife will come in handy when you are trying to become one with nature.


Planning a trip to the beach, or maybe your off o see the sand dunes of Dubai. Then you don’t want to come back home with sunburns all over. Take care of your skin under the sun with some sunscreen from Goodlife. 

 Hand Sanitizer

Travel exposes you to so many awful germs. You may end up not having access to clean water to wash your hands but having hand sanitizer will help you keeping the germs at bay so your trip doesn’t get ruined by any illnesses


When travelling, of course, you’re going to be sampling food that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. Sometimes all of that new food can really mess with our digestive systems. If this happens to you, try to invest in a good probiotic though check with your doctor for additional recommendations.

Sun Glasses

Basking in the sun on your vacation doesn’t mean putting your eyes against the sun. Take care of them by packing your sunnies in your carry-on bag because coz you’ll want to put them on as soon as you get to your destination

So next time you looking to take a trip by yourself or with the family, pass by your nearest Goodlife store and get your travelling essentials in one stop.