Seven Billion Individuals: A World of One

Goodlife News  -  11/07/2018
Seven Billion Individuals: A World of One

What’s in a number? Truthfully, until someone slaps a figure in context, you can’t really define it. So, let’s put this in context.

The current world population is set at 7 billion people, increasing at an average of 83 million people every year. Staggering numbers, right?

World Population Day seeks to raise awareness of the global population issues. The constituents that make this figure pop are the different communities, cultures and families around the globe; at the core of this is YOU. 

What is the power of one? How does the individual fit into something of this scale? We are a product of our surroundings. Culture, society and the human spirit are all the result of millions of years of exchanges. From the music you are bopping your head to right up to the screen you are reading this on, is the culmination of a system that builds on individual brilliance for social good.

Bet you never thought that your individuality has a huge impact on the number at the top.  Think about all the inventions and discoveries made by brilliant minds, that bring about healing for the ones we love battling with various illnesses. The connectivity that the discoveries bring about when we relate to one another based on our different but similar narratives. From the doctor who assists your girlfriend, wife or sister bring forth life to this world to the priest who sends off your loved one to the spirit world and the farmer who tills and toils to produce food that gives your mama mboga pride to vend fresh produce that your housie prepares for your children.

You are an integral part of today’s celebration. Blow your trumpet, pamper yourself with rejuvenating grooming treatments from Goodlife Pharmacy because you are you, and we are about you.

Your good life impacts the world in a great way!