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Oral-B Essential Dental Floss Regular 50m

Oral-B Essential Dental Floss Regular 50m

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Whether you have a special oral care routine, or have never flossed before, you’ll find an Oral-B floss to suit your needs. Floss products can help you clean the areas that toothbrushes can’t reach and keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean.Oral-B Essential Floss has specially bonded filament to make it easy for you to insert. It’s polymer-coated for effortless plaque removal with shred- and fray-resistant fibres for your comfort and safety. The floss is also waxed, so it slides easily between your teeth.

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Oral-B Essential Floss Cavity Defense helps remove plaque to reduce cavities.

– Cleans where your brush can’t reach
– Wax coating and shred-resistant
– Helps remove plaque and particles between your teeth and just
below the gum line


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