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Natures Aid Inulin Soluble Fibre 250mg

Natures Aid Inulin Soluble Fibre 250mg

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Soluble Fibre from Chicory Root

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Inulin is a compound which occurs naturally in many foods, including chicory. It is a high fibre, low calorie substance. Fibres like Inulin are a type of carbohydrate which the body cannot digest. They move through the digestive system to the colon, where they serve as food for the good bacteria there.
The colon is full of bacteria, often referred to as ‘The Microbiome’. Much research is being carried out on the impact of the bacteria of the microbiome, and the fibres which feed them. The fibres which feed the good bacteria of the microbiome are often referred to as ‘prebiotics’
Natures Aid Inulin is 100% natural and can be added to any food or drink. Each 5g serving provides 4.4g of fibre.


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