Pediatric Twitter Chat Recap

Mum and Baby  -  15/02/2019
Pediatric Twitter Chat Recap


In the month of January, we had Dr. Mary speaking with us on the intricacies of raising a child. She answered a few questions from mums on our social media platforms. Here’s a recap:


  1. Could washing a newborn with e.g. Johnsons top to toe wash immediately after birth cause skin conditions early enough such as eczema and psoriasis?

Those conditions are mostly genetic. There are babies who are genetically at risk. And would usually have triggers.
So yes, you can wash and observe the baby’s response. Not all babies will react.


  1. My son always has recurring tonsillitis, we don’t do sodas or cold stuff. He also blocked nose and sneezes every morning what do?Seems like the baby has allergic tendencies. It would help if they got evaluated by a pulmonologist. A pulmonologist; a chest and respiratory system specialist.


  1. My baby has rashes on his face any recommendations?
    It would help to have baby checked most rashes can only be diagnosed after seeing. However, if the rash is on areas that sweat a lot it can be heat rash. In this heat try not to overdress the baby.
    additional info on how to take care of your baby in the heat; Baby can be bathed. Cool environment.
    If it’s hot for an adult it’s also hot for the baby.
    Ensure hydration. If breastfeeding ensure feeding on demand. If the child is older give more fluids.


  1. My baby who is one month old is fed on formula and breast milk and his stool seems hard and it’s hard for him to pass stool.
    Formula milk may make some babies stool a bit hard. If possible, feed more on breast milk. It digests easier. There are some relief suppositories that can be prescribed by a doctor to relief if the baby is unable to pass stool.


  1. Okay. Is there like a permanent way of controlling sinus infections? A baby who’s going to school and is exposed to various triggers every day.


Those infections are called upper respiratory infections and will unfortunately get those when in contact with other children and they transmit to each other.
Flu vaccines helps to some extent. But the bright side they will outgrow.


  1. My little one has atopic dermatitis are there any foods in particular we should avoid?

Different foods have different and varied allergenic potential. So, baby has to go through an elimination process. Proteins like egg white and fish and peanuts are highly allergenic. There is also a service where a baby can go through allergen testing.

Re: Allergen testing the skin is subjected to a variety of allergens and an observation is done on the reaction to each. Usually is done by an allergy specialist.


  1. Is it normal for a baby to prefer one boob over the other and totally refuse to take? What could be the cause?

Yes, it is possible. There are varied reasons with the most common being the shape of the nipple and how fast and house easy it is to obtain milk during breastfeeding from that particular breast.

It would help to start with that ‘unpopular’ breast. And always ensuring its emptied to ensure constant milk supply.


  1. My baby’s legs and hands tend to feel a bit cold or cool to the touch while the rest of the body is warm. Is it normal?

This could be a way of getting rid of excessive heat. It also happens when a baby has a fever. Check the baby’s temperature.


  1. My baby has been having kikohozi since birth and it does not seem to go away. He is now three months. What should I do?

The baby needs evaluation by a pediatrician.


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