Dr. Sejal Shah

Dr. Sejal Shah
Chief Pharmacist

Dr. Sejal Shah is the Chief Pharmacist at Goodlife Pharmacy Limited.

She brings 25+ years’ experience to include leadership, regulatory affairs and business in healthcare and life sciences at local and international levels. Sejal is multilingual and speaks six languages has a Msc in Pharmacy from Kings College, London and an MBA from Esade Business School, Barcelona.
Sejal has been recognized for exemplary Pharmacy Governance in 2016 when Goodlife was Green Cross Accredited under her leadership; She was also recognized for enhancing non -communicable disease awareness, diabetes -rolling out Merck – Dora Program at the Goodlife Pharmacy.

Sejal has worked in the private & public healthcare sectors, dealing with clients, patients, healthcare & life sciences professionals, hospitals groups, medical schemes, administrators, managed healthcare customers, government bodies, professional societies, industry bodies, universities and colleges and private equity companies at different strategic levels. Her in-depth knowledge of the East African healthcare environment, experience and a strong track record in, industry negotiations, strategic thinking and networks with key stakeholders enables her to provide tailored business solutions.
While actively working in the healthcare industry she involved herself with many charitable efforts such as Gender Violence Recovery Centre and Treasurer at World Reader, a non-profit organization that delivers e-books to people in the developing world.