Keeping your Teeth Healthy & your Smile Bright

Oral Care  -  18/03/2019
Keeping your Teeth Healthy & your Smile Bright

We all know to brush our teeth each morning and night, but there’s a lot more that goes into maintaining a healthy mouth.

Dental and oral health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. There are many solutions for ensuring healthy teeth, all available at a Goodlife Pharmacy near you!

Before you pay us a visit, here are some tips to keep you going:

1. Brush twice a day

While this may be an obvious one, it’s too important for us not to stress. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, with a fluoridated toothpaste such as Colgate Herbal. Don’t get carried away with brushing though, as too much pressure can wear down your teeth and irritate your gums.

2. Don’t forget the floss

Flossing once a day reduces gingivitis and other gum diseases. This is because flossing reaches the area between your teeth that is inaccessible to a toothbrush, breaking up dental plaque there before it causes any damage. This is particularly important as you age, since gum tissue between teeth shrinks, leaving bigger gaps where food can get stuck.

3. Eat the right foods

As we everything to do with your body, your nutrition plays a big role in overall oral care. Eating three or four servings of foods rich in both calcium and phosphorus such as dairy products helps promote strong teeth. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers and leafy greens rich in vitamin C also help with gum health. Rinse your mouth with Listerine after eating dried fruits in order to prevent them from sticking to your teeth and ultimately damaging. The more often you eat, the more acid you introduce on your teeth. Try to rinse your mouth out after any meals to get rid of food particles.

  1. Routine visit to the dentist

You don’t have to wait for an aching tooth to visit a dentist. Remember, if symptoms persist, seek dental care advice. More importantly though, prevention is better than cure J

Any other tips you follow that get your smile looking like a million bucks? Share with us!