Goodlife News  -  2/02/2018

The board of the leading pharmacy brand in East Africa, Goodlife Pharmacy Ltd, has appointed a new CEO Amaan Nizar Khalfan. The company is focused on continued rapid expansion with increased services, to become the first choice of primary health care provider.

Amaan’s experience and expertise make him uniquely placed to lead Goodlife. Through his extensive executive positions, he has been involved in operational restructuring projects in the areas of private equity, agribusiness, manufacturing and water and sanitation. Prior to joining Goodlife, Amaan served as Chief Operations Officer at Aga Khan University Hospital’s Outreach division, one of the largest network of outpatient medical centers in East Africa. Within this role, he managed over 500 employees and 48 medical centers in the region. His aptitude to implement interventions, mobilize teams and apply sound business principles ensured financial and operational sustainability. Amaan is also a process change expert who used operational restructuring methods to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity at the various projects he has been involved with.

“With 37 outlets in Kenya and Uganda, Goodlife plans to continue its expansion to 100 stores across the region and will rely on the process change expertise of the newly appointed CEO to guide them through this process”, Mentioned Dr. Felix Olale, Partner at Leap Frog and Global Head of Healthcare for Leapfrog Investments, Goodlife’s lead investor.

“My aim is to hit the ground running,” stated Amaan Khalfan. “I will work to ensure the company grows quickly within East Africa and is always the preferred brand to use. I would also like to see employees grow within the Goodlife family and maintain the culture that makes this such a great place to work! As the brand continues to grow, we will develop programmes that target marginalized communities in order to assist alleviate some of the basic medical ailments in those regions, and create a better, healthier lifestyle for all. That is the Goodlife after all!”

Amaan’s appointment comes shortly after the announcement of Justin Melvin as Chief Retail Officer late last year. The new positions demonstrate the progression in leadership as Goodlife expands and the determination to remain at the helm of retail pharmacy services in East Africa.