Goodlife News  -  3/04/2017

It’s 7:30 am on a Saturday, you and your family have just hit Thika Road on your way upcountry. You’re on a tight schedule and miraculously everybody was ready and you managed to leave on time. Suddenly you realize you forgot to pack some essentials; the Deep Heat for the aching muscles in your left foot and even more importantly, your spouse’s One Touch to monitor blood glucose levels. You’re reluctant to stop at a mall to hunt for these items, as that will take too long but what are your other options?

The Goodlife Pharmacy at Shell Petrol station opposite Garden City Mall provides a quick alternative. In keeping with the company’s ethos of understanding individual customer needs and providing the best solutions, Goodlife has recently added this convenience model to their repertoire with the aim of providing a quick-stop solution to customer needs. Open from 7 am to 10 pm Mon – Sat and 10am – 10pm on Sundays and public holiday, the outlet sits in a 32 m2 container that took 4 weeks to build from the ground up. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the set-up though, Goodlife has not compromised on the services that put them above their competitors such as global quality customer services and high quality products.

The store is extremely organized with friendly welcoming staff ready to help you. As with their mall locations, the drop-in model has a wide array of competitively priced products from dietary supplements and minor ailment treatments to smoking cessation aids. Most conveniently, you can pick up a number of specialist items such as blood pressure and blood glucose devices.

But what really sets this store apart from other gas station pharmacies is the consultation services offered. Goodlife has trained their pharmacy staff to be experts capable of providing accurate health care advice. A comfortable and private consultation room is set aside in the drop-in container and allow customers to get services from a specialized professional such as malarial prophylaxis testing and treatment, blood pressure testing and weight management. Additionally, a personalized medicine use review can be done to ensure proper drug combinations, right does schedule and advice on possible side effects to reduce the chances of you taking the wrong medication and ensure you peace of mind.

This Drop-In on Thika Road is the first of four that will be set-up this year as part of Goodlife’s partnership with key fuel providers; Shell, KenolKobil among others. Goodlife works in conjunction with the oil companies to indentify the most appropriate location within the forecourt to place the drop-in outlets. In the event there is no readily available retail space, the small format model means the pharmacy chain can build a container and set up shop in a relatively short amount of time.

Other locations for convenience stores will include Athi River, Tegemeo on Waiyaki Way and Thindigura. This model will allow the company to expand business and penetrate low-income neighbourhoods. Increasing the number of stores they have in the region means Goodlife is better positioned to negotiate cheaper prices from pharmaceutical manufacturers explains Co-founder Josh Ruxin.

Goodlife Pharmacy, have spent over two years solidifying their foundations in the East African region and their efforts are paying off. With over 29 stores in Kenya, and 2 in Uganda, they have established a name for themselves and demonstrated their dedication to delivering trustworthy pharmaceutical services so that we can all “Start Living the Goodlife”.