Five Things New Mums Worry About

Mum and Baby  -  6/07/2018
Five Things New Mums Worry About


Grappling with the fear of being a new mummy? You’re not the only one. These tiny, beautiful, little humans though wonderful, come with no instruction. From outlandish thoughts to legit concerns, we are here with a few solutions to put you at ease.

Not being able to breastfeed

Take a deep breath mama. Breastfeeding is tough. Even if you master it off the bat, it sometimes takes a week for the milk to come in and even a month to establish supply. Give yourself time and trust you and your baby’s cues.

Accidentally hurting the baby

Whether it be dropping your new born or giving them too much medicine, the possibilities for harming your children may seem endless. Visiting a pharmacy like Goodlife which offers professional service goes a long way in calming the nerves and ensuring the health of your baby. However, always remember to call your pediatrician to whenever your uncertain—they have heard it all.


Your baby constantly crying may alarm you, but do remember that crying in newborns and infants is normal and some just cry more than others—this is therefore not a yardstick for measuring your parenting skills. If your infant is inconsolable, do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician.


Your little one sneezing is simply how he clears his nasal and respiratory passages of congestion and airborne particles. This should only worry you if your baby is running a fever, has a runny nose, seems congested or has difficulty breathing. Pop into your nearest Goodlife pharmacy to seek expert assistance if unsure of how to read the symptoms.

Snap Back

Contrary to the picture painted by Hollywood, getting your pre-pregnancy shape overnight is unhealthy and unrealistic. Eat healthy, try and sleep enough (we know this can be hard), take time out for yourself and get a little walking done when approved by your doctor. Enjoy the magic your body just created and the celebrate your body as it is for its strength.

All in all, don’t let these concerns drive you crazy. Mistakes will be made, tears will be shed and you will be okay. Your baby will be okay. Keep going, we are so proud of you!