Diabetes Awareness and Management with Dr. Salwa

Health Care  -  8/01/2019
Diabetes Awareness and Management with Dr. Salwa

In commemoration of World Diabetes Day, Goodlife hosted a Twitter chat on the 14th of November 2018. During this Twitter Chat, Dr. Salwa answered diabetes related questions from the audience.
Here is a recap of the questions and expert answers, as provided by Dr. Salwa:

1. How does diabetes change my life – work or social?
Diabetes calls for you to be more careful with your diet and factor in exercises. You will need to see doctor at least once every three months and regularly check on your blood sugar levels.

2. How can you stop hypoglycemia from developing into full blown diabetes?
You can stop impaired glucose tolerance from moving to full blown diabetes by living a healthier life; this will include a change in diet and an amount of physical activity in your everyday life.

3. Is it possible to manage diabetes without using medication?
Diabetes requires medication, whether its insulin or medication. This is in addition to watching your diet and exercising. Both are vital.

4. In cases where diabetes is hereditary, is it possible to avoid getting it?
The risk factors for Type 2 diabetes are genetics, lack of physical activities, among others. Genetics cannot be prevented, but lifestyle shifts like taking the stairs, jogging for half an hour can improve your well being. An overhaul of what we eat and the portions will ultimately help in diabetes prevention. Vegetables 50%, 25% carbs and 25% proteins is a recommended way to measure your portions.

5. Is there a home test for diabetes or do you have to go to the hospital?
You can take a blood glucose test at home, using strips.If your blood glucose level is high, visit your doctor. These strips are available for purchase at Goodlife Pharmacy. If your blood sugar is above 6 first thing in the morning, or above 11 at any time during the day, that qualifies as high and you should see a doctor.

6. Can Diabetes make you go bald? I have a friend I’m worried about that maybe should go for a check up.
Well controlled sugars do not affect your hair but uncontrolled high sugars (hyperglycemia) can lead to thinning of hair. This is common and necessitates a visit to the dermatologist.

7. What is the youngest age one can get diabetes?
You can get Type 1 Diabetes at any age. The youngest recorded Type 2 diabetes patient was in their preteens, this all depends on your risk factors. But a younger population is getting type 2 diabetes due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

8. Does it have stages? What stage is it severe?
Diabetes does not have stages, it only gets severe if not well controlled. Severity is dependent on your complications. Use of insulin is not a marker for severity, complications are.

9. Can you get rid of diabetes with diet?
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, working out and eating healthy, you can reduce your risk of getting Diabetes. however, once you have diabetes, a good diets doesn’t cure it, it helps manage and avoid complications.