Goodlife News  -  14/01/2019

You have come really far with us guys! From one year, into another, into another… And suddenly, we’re in 2019. Who’d have thought? With the passing of so much time, you are no longer just customers, you have become pharmily. And if there’s one thing that family does, family tells the truth.

The truth here is that it’s January and we are leaving the ‘New Year, New Me’ story in the past. You are not going to wake up one day and discover a new version of yourself just because the earth has orbited around the sun once. Truth is, you do not need to because you are unique and no one wants to replace a unique being. What you can do though, is improve on the unique being that is you. Should you choose to do just that, we are excited to go on that journey with you. We are committed to helping you live the Goodlife.

While definitions of living the Goodlife may vary from person to person, we are excited to see you unlock new levels in your skin’s glow, help mum’s have an even better bonding experience with their little ones through conveniences such as rash cream, get you on your health goals with our annual health check  and did we mention beard game? Whatever little way you’re improving this year, we guarantee our side to side support because Goodlife might be a Pharmacy, but in addition to pharmacy services, we also offer beauty services– with in house specialists offering free consultation  and health offerings . The last bit though, gets even better for we have partnered with Lancet Group of Labs to offer you lab services, at select Goodlife stores. Click here to view the different tests offered as you plan out your year.

In the spirit of sharing, our 2019 resolution is simple: to help you look and feel good for the rest of the year and then some. Step into a Goodlife near you today and let’s keep walking the good walk together.